UCAN: Making a difference for business, local chambers in the State Legislature

In December, the Folsom Chamber of Commerce partnered with four other local chamber organizations in the Sacramento region to form UCAN – the United Chamber Advocacy Network and set to work developing a policy agenda to advance in the state Legislature on behalf of their shared membership.

A combined membership survey found that chamber members’ top priorities were Taxes, Regulations, HR Policy, Legal Liability and the state’s overall business climate.  As a result, the UCAN Steering Committee – comprised of the CEO and one volunteer leader from each chamber – developed and published the 2018 UCAN State Policy Agenda that called for the following:

  • Reduce our tax burden
  • Remove regulatory barriers
  • Encourage Employment
  • Diminish Legal Liability and
  • Improve California’ Business Climate

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Contact your elected representative

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Senator Kamala Harris
U.S. House of Representatives Ami Bera
State Senator Ted Gaines, 1st Senate District
State Assembly Member Kevin Kiley, 6th Assembly District
Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost, District 4
Folsom City Council: Mayor Andy Morin, Vice Mayor Kerri Howell, Council Member Roger Gaylord III, Council Member Steve Miklos, and Council Member Ernie Sheldon.


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November 2018 Folsom Election

The Folsom Chamber of Commerce endorses the following candidates committed to protecting Folsom’s local economy, jobs and quality of life.

Voting in Sacramento County is by mail only. Ballots were sent Monday October 8th.  Please return your ballot by mail or return to a ballot vote center.  http://www.elections.saccounty.net/VoteCenters/Pages/November-2018-VoteCenters.aspx

Recommendations and Endorsements November 6th General Election

Local Measures:

Measure C – City Council Term Limit: No Position

Measure D  – Amendment to Campaign Contribution Limits: Support

Measure E – 1/2 Percent Sales Tax: No Position

Statewide Measures:

Prop. 1 – Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018: No Position

Prop. 2 – No Place Like Home Act of 2018: No Position

Prop. 3 – Bond for Water Supply, Quality: Support

Prop. 4 – Bond for Children’s’ Hospitals: No Position

Prop. 5 – Transfer Property Tax Base: Support

Prop. 6 – Eliminate Transportation Funding: Oppose

Prop. 7 – Daylight Savings Time: No Position

Prop. 8 – Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics: No Position

Prop. 9 – Removed from Ballot

Prop. 10 – Rent Control: Oppose

Prop. 11 – Ambulance Employees, Work Breaks: No Position

Prop. 12 – Standards for Confinement of Farm Animals: No Position

Folsom City Council (vote for no more than three)

Sarah Aquino, school member board/small businesswoman

Kerri Howell , incumbent/civil engineer

Mike Kozlowski, businessman/Vista del Lago H.S. track coach

Folsom Cordova School Board (vote for no more than three)

Joshua Hoover 

Dave Reid 

Jaya Badiga 

California State Assembly:

Kevin Kiley

California State Board of Equalization:

Ted Gaines

U.S. Congress:

Andrew Grant  

State Legislative Session Report: Click Here

Protecting Folsom’s Job Creators and Quality of Life

The quality of life that Folsom residents have come to enjoy in Folsom is dependent on the hundreds of small business owners that create local jobs and tax revenue for important public services such as police, fire, schools, parks and trails, and road improvements.

This is why the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC) serves as the community’s government watchdog monitoring federal and state legislation, and government actions at every level to ensure that Folsom’s employers and job creators are protected from high taxes, and excessive regulation and litigation. This has contributed to Folsom’s business friendly political environment and a high standard of living.

Who we are

Our committee is composed of local business owners and civic leaders that gather in the mornings, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Should you have an interest in our community and politics, visit the Chamber’s Calendar for information on the next GAC meeting.

Government Affairs Policy Guide: Click Here to Download

How are political recommendations made?

  • We encourage candidates to approach the committee and request our endorsement. For the 2018 endorsement process, click here. The Government Affairs Committee may ask candidates requesting our endorsement to fill out a policy position questionnaire and attend an interview.
  • Statewide Ballot Measures are evaluated based on their potential impact on business in California.
  • The Government Affairs Committee submits final recommendations to the Chamber Board of Directors.
  • The Chamber Board of Directors approves GAC recommendations.

2018 Endorsements, click below for more information:

Folsom Chamber of Commerce Endorsements for City Council

Folsom Cordova Unified School District Board of Directors

Sacramento County Sheriff 

Assembly District 6