Dave Bunfill Blacktop Service

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Since 1975, Dave Bunfill Blacktop Service (DBBS) has been satisfying customers throughout southern and northern California with excellent customer service and quality asphalt solutions. Value and quality have always been the company’s first priorities and will continue to be first in all of their dealings.

Dave Bunfill Blacktop Service offers both paving and maintenance services for roadways, parking lots, and driveways. DBBS offers the chip seal and slurry seal as preventative maintenance processes, as well as paving and overlays. They also help asphalt damage by filling cracks, patching holes, and striping. Dave Bunfill, the company’s owner and operator, has been married for 41 years, is a father of three, and grandfather to two grandkids. Aside from the asphalt business and family, Dave has another passion: golf. With his passion for the sport, Dave has been able to be an active member of his community and enrich the lives of many high school students. It is a great source of pride to Dave that in the twelve years as golf coach for his local high school, he was able to help five students go to college on golf scholarships.

www.davebunfillblacktopservice.com offers a list of previous clients, free quotes, and detailed descriptions of offered services. Check the company’s Facebook for photos and quick updates on where Dave is currently working.

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