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The Folsom Chamber of Commerce is located at 200 Wool Street, Folsom, CA. Call us: (916) 985-2698

Joe Gagliardi
Joe Gagliardi CEO/President
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Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson Vice President
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Taryn Grows
Taryn Grows Member & Business Services Manager
916-835-8188 | Email
Shannon Cheyne
Shannon Cheyne Business Development
916-769-4527 | Email
Alyssa Ficke
Alyssa Ficke Member & Business Services Account Executive
916-367-8687 | Email
Shelley Mitchell
Shelley Mitchell Marketing & Communications Manager
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Megan Murphy
Megan Murphy Marketing & Communications Specialist
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Rob Cline
Rob Cline Marketing & Communications Specialist
x18 | Email
Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas Accounting & Billing
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Nan Bloodworth
Nan Bloodworth Member Services
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The Folsom Tourism Bureau is co-located at 200 Wool Street Folsom, CA

Mary Ann McAlea
Mary Ann McAlea Director of Folsom Tourism Bureau
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Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams Visitor Center Manager
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We’re always looking for volunteers!

Volunteering in our visitor center is a wonderful way to plug into the community. Download a volunteer application. Knowledge of Folsom and an ability to volunteer at least once a week are preferred.

Student Internships

Seasonal student internships are also available. Contact us for more information.

Photo © Mark I. Cohen (2016)